About Dimedium

Dimedium is a wholesale distributor of veterinary medicines and vaccines, livestock supplies, crop and fish farming products, as well as pet products. The company operates under the slogan “For a healthy animal”.

Dimedium was formed by merging two oldest wholesalers of veterinary medicines and products in Estonia – family businesses Dimela and Remedium. Both its predecessors have been dedicated to promoting and supporting Estonian agriculture and animal health for more than 26 years.


We provide a diverse portfolio of products, covering the needs of the entire sector: high quality veterinary medicines and vaccines, feeds and feed additives, milk replacers, health and hygiene products, breeding material, also farming equipment, instruments and software.

For companion animals we offer a wide selection of pet foods, feed additives and pet supplies from the world’s leading producers.


Dimedium is a responsible company

The company's long-term success is not only based on financial indicators. The economic, environmental and social impact or "footprint" the company leaves with its existence is also important.

For the second consecutive year, Dimedium has achieved the Estonian Responsible Business Index Silver-level quality label. This means that our activities are in line with the concerns of the natural and market environment and the community as well as the interests of our employees, customers and business partners.

Estonia is a beautiful country due to the fact that we have pure nature and cultivated fields. We understand that fresh and local food of high quality in our daily diet is a luxury and we must take a responsibility for it!